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    We often receive question about our philosophy of giving everyone a wallet with a little cash inside, including the odds of receiving a certain bill type. 

    Q: Is it True that every chill... wallet comes with a bill inside? 

    A: Yes, we send all wallets with at least a $1 bill inside and will include denominations of up to $20, including $2, $5, $10, and $20bills. 


    Q: What are the odds of receiving each type of bill? 

    A: All bill placements are randomized. Below is a list of the number of bills per 100 wallets: 

    $1 Bill  All wallets contain at least a $1 bill
    $2 Bill 1 in 100 or as available
    $5 Bill 10 in 100
    $10 Bill 5 in 100
    $20 Bill 2 in 100



    Q: Why don't you include $100 bills in the wallets? 

    A: Due to govt. laws, we are unable to provide a bill that is worth more than the value of the product. All bills included in the wallets are, legally speaking, a form of randomized cash-back on your purchase. Not legally speaking, we think they are a fun way to wish for better fortunes and luck for whoever receives the wallet. 

    Q: What is your Return Policy? 

    A: We accept returns on all products within 14 days of purchase as long as they are returned in the same packaging. If you wish to return your product, please email